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Train with Amy in person at your home, in the Pilates studio, or online!

One-on-one-training with Amy in the studio, in your home, or online

Are you an athlete, dancer or Pilates enthusiast who is leveling up your training and need expert support to hold you accountable and to give you that extra edge towards achieving your goals?

Are you recovering from an injury or experiencing pain, tension and limitations in your body?

Would you benefit from an individually crafted strategic plan that is specifically designed for you to meet your needs? 

If so, my private one-on-one Pilates sessions are perfect for you!

Together, we will work towards building strength, stamina, mobility and core support so that you experience the biggest transformations in your fitness and performance goals.

Work with me privately in the studio, in-person in your home or online.  


Get my expert advice by scheduling a free 30-minute ‘strategy’ call.  Your complimentary session includes a video recording as well as my follow up recommendations.

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Group Pilates Training with Amy

A consistent home practice is essential to any solid workout regimen. 

Now, with Zoom, you can work with me and experience expert Pilates training in the comfort of your own home at an affordable rate!

You will benefit from the support of a community of Pilates enthusiasts from around the world to keep you motivated and working towards your goals.  

My specialty Pilates Mat Workshop Series’ are where we will delve deeper into various aspects of the Pilates method and beyond!

Each week we will focus on expanding our knowledge and capabilities in strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and power.   


Stay Tuned! My next Pilates Series coming this Summer 2022: Cross Training

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“Amy’s energy is infectious, and she provides you with just the right balance of coach and cheerleader.”

~ Caitlyn, Los Angeles

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